The Worst Dog Breeds to Show – Part 2

The famous Westminster Dog Show in America is one of the oldest and most prestigious dog exhibitions in the world. They have released a rather surprising list of the worst dog breeds o compete in the shows. We don’t say that that these dogs go around in savage groups terrorizing neighborhoods, but rather reflects upon their performance at exhibiting at Westminster since the organization was formed over a century ago. These dogs have never won the main prize Best in Show but be sure they are perfect pet to play and cuddle with.


The Rottweiler is a highly maligned breed as these dogs has a reputation of being rather fierce. This is a rather misguided reputation as the dog is often chosen for its size to be guard. The fierce temper is a result of trainings in order to make them better protect the property. However, this sort of training can make any breed to be fierce. Honestly, with the normal love and affection that all pets receive a Rottweiler is a perfect pet and great company. Since they have been exhibiting in Best in Show in 1931 they have zero awards. Rottweiler’s managed just one group win.

Great Dane

One of the most recognizable dogs in the world should be the Great Dane, and just because of their sheer size they are remarkable animals. However, these dogs are quite rare because they require special conditions and lots of space. As a result, Great Danes are not typical family pets.

However, these dogs are regal, loyal and fun to play with. But since they have been competing in the Working Dog Group since 1887, they have never won Best in Show. These fabulous dogs have picked up other awards such as Best of Group.

The Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi is world-wide famous breed as these dogs are so loved by the Queen of England. Naturally, you should think that what is good enough for a queen would have been good enough for dog show judges. However, it’s not true and these little busy dogs have never achieved the prize of Best in Show. Corgis are incredible fun, friendly and curious. Also, they are so chubby and fluffy which make them irresistibly cute. However, this has not been enough to conquer the hearts of judges at Westminster Dog Show. Corgis have won over twenty top ribbons in different categories, but they have never won the main prize since 1934.

As you can see from this list, there are many different breeds that have never won the main prize of the Westminster Dog Show in America but don’t take it too serious because other organizations can provide different list. Overall, these dogs are great pets and friends, so if you really like them – take one of them home and get a new family member!