The Worst Dog Breeds to Show – Part 1

It sounds quite dreadful that there are some breeds of dogs to participate in the shows. No dog owners would ever accept that their pets are less than perfect, and it would be painful to find out that the breed of their dog is defined as not good enough for the dog show. But what we really mean by the statement in the title is that there are certain dog breeds that either have never won a competition or are notoriously bad at the shows. Dog owners might be surprised by the fact the eleven breeds of the TOP20 them have never won a prize in the dog shows.

Of course, dogs of these breeds can win an award in their own categories, but they have never won in the main category of Best in Show. Ready to find out what are the worst breeds for competing in the dog shows? The list was provided by the most prestigious dog show in the USA Westminster Kennel Dog Show.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers can be named as one of the favorite breeds in the world as they are adorable family pets. Their friendly temperament for a big dog makes it perfect for children and adults to play with and not be embarrassed when taking for a walk. However, according to one of the most authoritative dog associations in America, the Westminster Kennel Dog Show, the Labrador Retrievers are not good for dogs show at all. During all long years of the show, the Labradors have never the main prize. Keep in mind the fact that the history of this competition is almost one hundred years long, this is not a thing to be proud of.

Golden Retriever

Another adorable breed of family pets is the gorgeous Golden Retriever. These dogs are friendly, loyal and full of fun. If you play a game of retrieving the stick, then you had better be prepared for a sore arm as this breed never gives up. At Westminster the Golden Retriever has only been placed five times since the start of the show, but at least they have one up on the Labs as they have won one Best of Group. These dogs are more interested in chasing after balls than trying to impress judges.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has to be one of the most adorable little dogs in the world, it looks so grumpy you just want to pick the little fella up and cuddle him. His sad mournful face and little bat-like ears make it one of the cutest breeds that there has ever won the prize of the Best in Show in the prestigious Westminster Dog Show.

The first time when the French Bulldog was participating in this show was in 1897 and since then they have not received any prize. This is a pretty poor record that could explain their grumpy demeanor. All these dogs are firm favorites with their owners all over the world, and it is a real puzzle why they struggle in shows and exhibitions.