Secret Tips That Show Dog Handlers Use

There is always a dog show happening every year at any day. The dogs in these dog shows go through a lot of training, and their handlers are skilled at what they do to train their dog. Here are some secret tips that dog handlers use:

  1. Trot Training Using A Treadmill

The judges of the dog show, out of other things, judge the dog’s trot. The dog handlers let their dogs run on a treadmill to get them used to a certain speed, so their trot can be perfect.

  1. Perfect Stance Thanks to Soup Cans

The stance of a dog is something that the judges will look at when judging. The handlers teach the dogs the perfect posture by letting them stand on four soup cans that are the right distance away from each other.

  1. The Dog’s Names Are Long

The dogs that go to dog shows are fancy, so they have names that reflect that. They may have a cute nickname, but their actual names may be quite long. Their names may be a reference to something from pop culture or personal.

  1. The Dog Show Will Always Inspect the Cars Of Handlers

The dog handlers’ cars are inspected thoroughly before the handler can be officially registered as a dog handler. The reason the cars are inspected is to see if they are prepared to keep their dog alive in dangerous situations.

  1. Don’t Expect Dog Shows to Be Natural

Dogs aren’t meant to be shown off in shows. They were meant to be hunting for animals in the outdoors and being at the front of a sled pulling it to its destination. The handlers of the dogs at dog shows try to make sure that their dogs have the most fun they can have.

Secret Tips That Show Dog Handlers Use
Secret Tips That Show Dog Handlers Use
  1. Disqualification Easily Happens If You Aren’t Prepared

The judges don’t accept aggression from the dogs they are judging. So if a dog bites anyone at all, such as their handler or a judge, they are instantly disqualified with no forgiveness.

  1. Embarrassment Is Normal

Tripping and falling during their performance is something that handlers go through. Every handler will experience it at least once. Some handlers see it as something you need to go through to be truly accepted in the dog handler community.

  1. The Handler’s Fashion Isn’t Just for Show

When the handlers are going to a dog show, they have to make sure that what they wear doesn’t look better than their dog. The handlers wear something that contrasts well with the coat of their dog.

  1. Being A Handler Is A Workout

There are a lot of handlers whose hips and knees have been replaced. Being at the show will make you tired. It’s always tough on the legs since the dogs are usually going fast during the show.

  1. The Dogs Have Lucky Charms

Dogs aren’t the ones who believe in lucky charms, but their handlers are the ones usually calling a particular toy or leash lucky. Sometimes luck will be something you need if there are formidable opponents in the show.