How to Prepare Your Dog for a Show – Part 2

Preparing your puppy for a dog show requires lots of work and training, it is definitely not a case of just turning up. You already got the registration documents of your dog and then registered at the dog association that is organizing the show. Then comes the specific training you must take your dog through in order to let him understand what you expect from him. The part of this training is attending the conformation classes at your local dog club.

Forget Politics

Probably, you have heard those rumors that the majority of dog shows are nothing but politics as well as the myths that judges are interested in professional handlers and not amateurs showing their pets. Well, some of these talks are quite truth because the professional handlers are elitist and want the best for the breed. However, it doesn’t mean that all shows are the same. Go for it and try to win!

It must be noted that dog shows are the job for professional handlers and, usually, they do not have an emotional attachment to dogs. Normally these handlers win shows because they have already vetted the dogs they are asked to show, and only take on the best dogs. If a professional handler cares of your dog, you can expect that your dog will be trained to the pure perfection. Usually, the professional handlers are familiar with certain judges and know what they are looking for and what is the best way to please them. If you cannot afford a professional handler, then do not stress and forget the politics. You should focus on training your dog and have a good time. Do your best and you will have a chance to win for sure.

Breeds, Classes, Groups

All dogs are distributed into age groups and categories during the show. During the registration you should choose the category to present your dog. First of all, all dogs are divided into age groups from nine months up to eighteen months. Then, there are different groups for female dogs and male dogs because of the different gender standards. As a result, you must choose the right age group and the right class the category very carefully. The classes can be different as they depend on the dog association that is sponsoring the show. However, the main classes are the following:

  • Novice
  • Amateur – owned or handled
  • Bred by the exhibitor
  • Type of breed
  • Open

In each category there are two winners – one male dog and one female dog. You can register your dog to compete in more than one category and all winnings will give you some extra points in the overall breed championship. An exact system of points depends on the terms of a show and country.

Now you have all the information about the dog shows. The last and most difficult ting is to decide that do you really want to put yourself and your puppy into this hard work to achieve an award. If you do, then go ahead!