How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

Most dog owners will keep their dogs in confinement when they’re in heat. But there’s a slight chance that there might be breeding that will happen anyway. The dog’s owner might not even realise that it happened. The breeding might have also been planned by the owner so that their dog could produce a litter. It is challenging to see the signs of pregnancy in your dog during its first couple of weeks of gestation. Some symptoms can tell you that your dog is pregnant. These telling signs will help in providing the right care for the pregnant dog.

The Dog Eats Less And Starts To Vomit

Your dog having a loss of appetite is an early sign that your dog is pregnant. Although, not every female dog will go through this dog version of what is called morning sickness with humans. Some dogs will be eating less than usual in the first two weeks of their gestation, but later on during their pregnancy, they’ll be eating a lot more than usual. If your dog gets nauseous, then it will go away in a few weeks when the dog’s pregnancy progresses. You shouldn’t attempt to force your dog to eat something if they do vomit now and again or lose their appetite. You can try to put some rice and ground beef mixed with her dog food. You shouldn’t get worried if she still won’t try eating it. Dogs won’t usually skip eating for a day. But if they don’t eat for three days, then you should be calling a vet to get some advice with your dog.

The Dog’s Activity Will Suddenly Decrease

Your dog might not be as energetic as they used to be. It is one of the signs that they’re pregnant if they suddenly lose their usual energy. Dogs might begin to feel exhausted since their hormones will fluctuate. They’d have to support the embryo that’s growing in them. Their exhaustion will start happening a few weeks into the dog’s pregnancy. Don’t worry, though, since it will go away in a few more weeks after it starts.

The Dog’s Breasts Will Develop

A telltale indicator that your dog is pregnant is when their breasts develop. If a female dog hasn’t been bred, then its nipples will be small, and the area under the nipples will feel flat. When the dog is pregnant, the nipples’ milk glands will start developing. That also means that they will grow in size slightly as it prepares to produce milk and nurse its puppies. There will be development occurring in their breasts when a few weeks after the breeding has passed.

The Dog’s Nipples Will Change Color

Alongside the development of the dog’s breasts, the colour of their nipples will become rosier. The nipples that are closer to the hind legs of the dog will be the ones that become the most rosy-coloured. The natural colour of the nipples are close to a pinkish grey, but their colour changes because of the area receiving more blood. The change of colour will happen around the time that breast development happens. That means it will happen a few weeks after the conception happens.