Grooming Tricks for Your Dog

Regular care and grooming is a vital part of your responsibility as a dog owner, although sometimes it may look like your dog is capable of taking care of himself. First, if at this stage you don’t have a routine in place, then you need to set up one and start small. You need to try out a task for each day. You can start with brushing, and then move to bathing the next day. The sooner you incorporate these grooming tactics, the faster your dog will get used to the whole process. This post will give you a heads up on some of the basic grooming tricks you need for your dog.

Dog Grooming Tips & Tricks

Brushing Tricks

  1. First, you need to determine how often you will need to brush your dog. Dogs will long coats or furs will require daily brushing, while for dogs with shorter coats may require weekly brushing.
  2. While you go on with your business of brushing your dog, you need to be conscious of and look out for ticks as you brush. You may notice small black specks or the bugs themselves.
  3. For dogs with smooth short furs, you need a rubber brush first brush down the coat. Then use a bristle brush after that, and then polish with a chamois cloth.
  4. For dogs with short hair but dense layers, you need a slicker brush to remove tangles, and then follow up with a bristle brush.
  5. For dogs with long coats, you need to use a slicker brush first to remove the tangles, and after that use a bristle brush. Remember to be gentle when removing the mats.
  6. Then you need to brush your dog’s tail and feet especially for dogs with long coats.

Bathing Tips

  1.  You need first to research to know how often your dog needs a bath. You consult your vet on this. On a general note, know that how often you bath your dog will depend on the weather. You may opt to bathe your dog once in two weeks.
  2. Make Use of A Dog Shampoo: Dogs have a different skin texture than human beings. Thus, it may not be smart to use your shampoo on the dog to avoid reactions and irritation.
  3. You need to make use of a bath mat for your bathing session. Your dog can slip from a bathtub that is why it is not advisable
  4. You should start your bathing activities with brushing.
  5. Instead of a hot water or cold water, it is advisable to make use of lukewarm water.
  6. if you are making use of a spray, you need to be conscious of your dog’s eyes, ears and nose. A cup or hose serves better than a spray.
  7. One mistake more people do is that they don’t rinse well. They leave shampoo on the dog’s skin which most times causes irritation. You need to rinse thoroughly.
  8. while you are at it, check your dog’s ears for debris and bad odors
  9. use low heat to blow dry.