Greatest Dog Shows Around the World

A dog show is a dog sport competition that requires presentation of purebred dogs to be judged for meeting up to respective breed standards. The purpose of the show is to breed dogs that have been placed in dog shows so their puppies will have the most desired traits of the dog breed. These puppies are usually better, healthier, expensive and desired more by people. Dog shows around the world are great exhibitions, attracting visitors from different parts of the country worldwide. This fascinating competition is flanked by entertainments, demonstrations and other fringe events that promise to be every bit exciting! Below are some of the world greatest dog shows around the world.

World Dog Show

World Dog Shows are sponsored by “Federation Cynologique International” (FCI) for international championships in conformation and other sports. Dog shows are held yearly in various locations around the world. Some shows are so large that entries are limited only to dogs who have already earned their championships. Winning Best in Breed or Best in Show can elevate a dog’s, a breeder’s or a kennel’s reputation to the top of the list fast, which then adds value as it increases the cost of puppies bred from this dog or at the dog’s kennel origin. One of the greatest dog shows ever was held in December 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. The show covered over 20,000 pedigree dogs from over 300 breeds competing for the coveted Championship titles and Trophies. With a large modern exhibition centre spanning 80,000 square meters of space, the exhibition ground and halls are large enough to offer generous spaces for handlers and for setting up judging rings. Visitors to this show could enjoy culinary treats and a shopping paradise with over 200 international specialist exhibitors. People from over 60 countries travelled to Leipzig to witness this intense competition on several exciting dog sports (German Agility Championship, European Dog Diving Championship, Junior Handling World Championship, and Dog Dancing World Championship).


In the U.K, the international championship show, Crufts, was held first in 1891. Since 1991, the show has officially been recognized as the world’s largest and most prestigious dog show by Guinness Book of Records with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year. The dog show which ran for 4 days at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham is the largest animal event held at the venue with over 160,000 human visitors in 2008. The winner of the title “Best in Show” receives a resemblance of the solid Silver Keddel Memorial Trophy and a surprisingly small cash prize of $200.

Westminster Kennel Club

This dog show is the largest and most prestigious dog show in America. The Westminster Kennel Club dog show was established in 1977 and it’s held every year at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show in 2008 had a total entry of 2,627 dogs, making the event the second largest continuously held sporting event in America.

Colombian Kennel Club Dog Show

In Colombia, following the Association of Colombian Kennel Club (ACCC) rule, only purebred dogs fully recognized and well known by Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) are allowed to compete. Purebreds from Colombia must be registered to the ACCC and accordingly have a LOC number. The dog shows are organized and controlled by the ACCC and their conformation shows follow the rules set out in the International Federation of Kennel Club.