Famous Winners of the Crufts Dog Show

The Crufts Dog Show is the most exciting event of the canine world for organizers and participants alike. This event celebrates and promotes our four-legged friends for the diverse valuable roles that they play in all of our lives. Since the first Best in Show competition in 1928 in which Greyhound Primley Sceptre emerged the first winner, 78 other dogs have been crowned Best in Show champions. Many dog breeds have also won the coveted Best in Show title and many other prestigious awards at the Crufts Dog Show. At the 126th Crufts held at Birmingham’s NEC in 2017, several breeds joined the league of famous winners of the Crufts Dog Show. A large handful saw the 2017 four-day extravaganza which featured working dogs, rescue dogs, and even hero dogs as the ultimate celebration of the canine world. Below are some of the latest and greatest famous winners of the Crufts Dog show.

Crufts Best In Show Winners

An American Cocker Spaniel, Afterglow Miami Ink, presently tops the list of famous winners of the Crufts Dog Show as it claimed the coveted Best in Show title at the 126th Crufts held in Birmingham’s NEC arena. The gundog from Blackpool with its distinctive long-flowing tricolor coat qualified to compete for the Best in Show after winning Saturday’s Best in Gundog Group. Miami is the 1st American Cocker Spaniel to win Crufts Best in Show. Handler Jason Lynn praised the two-year-old pup for its merry temperament.

Crufts Agility and Heelwork to Music Title Winners

Caroline Garrett’s Wildsea Pheonix of Fire put up a great show to finish winner of the prestigious Heelwork to Music title. Meanwhile, Lucie Plevova’s Power Jump Aibara won the Heelwork To Music — Freestyle International Competition. On Agility, the small, medium and large categories of Crufts Singles Final were won by Ashleigh Butler’s The Closet Monster of Ashpen, Steven Richardson’s Noworries Sweep’s Dream, and Dave Munnings’s Comebyanyway Reddy for Fame respectively.

Lakeland Terrier

Best in Utility, Best in Gundog and Best in Toy Group Titles

A Miniature Poodle from Lancashire called Minarets Best Kept Secret won the Best in Utility Group title to the excitement of his owner Melanie Harwood and fans. The gundog Afterglow Miami Ink, an American Cocker Spaniel, won the Best in Gundog Group. Reserve Gundog winner was a Flatcoat Retriever. Cheered on by the ecstatic crowd and her owner Chizuru Kagayak, My Precious JP Kagayaki, a Yorkshire Terrier that came for the show from Japan finished winner of the Best in Toy Group title.

Terrier, Hound and Other Group Titles

Alan, a Lakeland Terrier, won in the Terrier Group and a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen from the Netherlands called Frosty won in the Hound Group. Both dogs represented their breeds in the great Best In Show competition. Pegasos, an Old English Sheep Dog, won the Working and Pastoral Group title. Also, Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth won the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition and Lourdace Fulcrum JW was the Show champion.