Clicker Away – Training Show Dogs

Dogs are a large part of the group of domesticated animals and are often referred to irreplaceable companion. With almost 340 breeds all around the world, it can be very challenging and costly for owners to accommodate more than a few breeds at the same time. Dogs are also one of the smart classes of animals that relate well to human beings when compared to other domesticated animals like cats, fish rabbits, birds, etc. Typically an ordinary dog, because of its powerful senses learns and knows the scent of its owners, can distinguish them from visitors and are aware of their marked territory.

Using the Emotional Connection to Its Owners

There is an excellent reason why they’re called man’s best friend. Scientific studies and related researches have come to find that dogs gain confidence in exploring if accompanied by their owners rather than any stranger who take them on walks. Furthermore, research shows that the distinctive smell of their owners activates the reward system of their brains and thus that peculiar scent lingers and triggers an automatic emotional response whenever they see their owners.

The exciting thing is that dogs can do more than that. Their senses can be trained to work at their maximum capacity and thus benefit the household or country. Like they say practice makes perfect, some dogs who have a higher sense of smell than others, need to be trained and practiced with regularly. The mechanism of their reward system is elevated and strengthened, making them smarter than an untrained dog. These are the dogs that are shown at dog shows. Show dogs are fascinating to observe as they display specific unique skills that showcase a much higher class of intelligence.

Training and The Click

These dogs undergo specific training, with devices to make them perform certain activities and get rewarded as a result of fully completing the activity or obeying the command. This training employs what is known as clicker training. The fundamental principle of the training lies at the core of how you plan the rewarding system. The reward system with a clicker is brief and works effectively because of the distinctive sound. Dogs can also be rewarded from a distance when you use the clicker to train them. The technicality of the reward system is that it involves a method of conditioning the emotions of the dogs. In other words, it’s not the piece of food used to reward the dog each time upon completion of certain activities that do the trick. It is the stimulated emotional response from receiving a particular piece of food or reward

How Does the Clicker Work?

The clicker way of training, as opposed to the other show dog training methods, uses a simple toy-like feature called the ‘clicker’ that makes a distinctive sound upon each click. However, it does not have to be a specific clicker toy; it can be anything that makes a consistent sound within a particular pitch like a whistle. There is nothing significant or unique about the sound produced by the clicker, meaning to say any signal which is easily visible or audible would do. The concept is to provide a message which will ignite the dog’s happy emotions, in the same way, receiving a treat does.