How to Potty Train a Puppy

How to Potty Train a Puppy

Make Use of Crates A lot of new dog owners freak out at the idea of confining their new puppies inside a dog crate, but after a few days of using the crate, the reluctance tends to disappear. Crates are necessary to make your life and that of your pet easier. For instance, when you […]

Grooming Tricks for Your Dog

Grooming Tricks for Your Dog

Regular care and grooming is a vital part of your responsibility as a dog owner, although sometimes it may look like your dog is capable of taking care of himself. First, if at this stage you don’t have a routine in place, then you need to set up one and start small. You need to […]

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need

As a dog owner, you need to understand the importance of exercise. You already know that daily walks are necessary for you and your dog. This is by the famous adage which says that a tired dog is a good dog. In as much as exercise is right for your dog, you need to understand […]



Caring and taking proper care of dogs is one of the tasks some pet owners consider the hardest. A lot of people will pay any amount just make their dogs look cute and well groomed. If you are not the type of person that loves to fight with a squirmy pooch in the tub, there […]


Best Dog Diets

Evidence shows that our food is crucial to our overall well-being. This also applies to our beloved canine friends. The right food can make your dog healthier, happier and probably live longer. Just as meals that are heavy on processed meats and simple sugars can make us gather unhealthy pounds, bad dog foods can negatively […]


Famous Winners of the Crufts Dog Show

The Crufts Dog Show is the most exciting event of the canine world for organizers and participants alike. This event celebrates and promotes our four-legged friends for the diverse valuable roles that they play in all of our lives. Since the first Best in Show competition in 1928 in which Greyhound Primley Sceptre emerged the […]


Greatest Dog Shows Around the World

A dog show is a dog sport competition that requires presentation of purebred dogs to be judged for meeting up to respective breed standards. The purpose of the show is to breed dogs that have been placed in dog shows so their puppies will have the most desired traits of the dog breed. These puppies […]


Best Breeds for Show Dogs

There are over 180 recognized breeds of dogs in the world. They could be easily identified through various characteristics, physical descriptions, temperaments, and history. Breeds can be categorized into various groups (terriers, working, sporting, toy, non-sporting, hound, herding, etc) but with 4 groups standing out – Terriers, Working, Sporting and Non-Sporting Groups. Some common dog […]



Every dog has his day. So why shouldn’t every dog have his own festival? If we humans have a place to walk around and eat fattening foods while enjoying the sights and sounds of outdoor activities, it’s only fitting that our canine companions should do the same and enjoy their own treat. So, get out […]



Dogs are family, they are more than just animals or pets, they are man’s best friend and are a phenomenal source of pride for their owners. Preparing your dog for dog show training can be very rewarding for both you and your dog. One of the best way of training your dog is clicker training, […]