Breeding Advice for Show Dog Breeders – Beginner Breeding

If you have noticed the lucrative market that breeding dogs have and own a gorgeous canine that you would like to breed, there are a few things that you need to consider. While the puppies are worth a fortune, there is a lot of commitment and close monitoring that goes into the health and welfare of the parent dogs before you look into making any real dough from puppy sales.

Understanding Heat

Just like how the females in the human species ovulate, female dogs go into ‘Heat’ or ovulate regularly. By the time the bitch is 24 months old, they start going into heat. Their heat cycles are different by breed and the type of dog you own as well. They are usually ready for mating once in seven months. Heat cycles are generally obvious, and you will know when they need to be joined with their mate. However, take heed that most often heat cycles are no indication of the normalcy of your animal. Bitches sometimes don’t go into heat for an entire year, so you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have puppies a given year.

Breeding Back to Back

Beginner breeders often think that they will surely have at least a dozen puppies for sale every year. However, it is wise to be realistic about your expectations. Depending on the age of the dog and the number of puppies she had in the first litter, your dog might not be ready to breed again in the same year. The overall welfare of the dog when she was pregnant, her feeding cycles, whelping and her breastfeeding experience have a lot to play when it comes to estimating the number of breeding sessions she will allow every year. If she and the puppies have been in great shape when they were born and nurtured, then the chances are that she will be willing to breed again. It is not wise to force a dog to produce again if the puppies or the dog health did not fare well with pregnancy the same year.

Feeding a Pregnant Dog

Feeding a dog when she is pregnant is very important for her overall health and the health of her puppies. Choose the best food that you can find on the market for the pregnant dog. This will ensure that the puppies and she get the best of nutrients. The dog will need specific requirements to be met when it comes to her nutrient requirements, and they need to be met. Best guidance you can get is by visiting a vet and get all the information you can about the breed and what you can expect out of the pregnancy.

Nursing the Puppies

Even after the puppies come, the mum should continue to be given the best of nutrition to keep up good milk supply and a healthy physique. The first milk is filled with the best antibodies that the mother will be able to give the babies. This milk lasts only 24 hours before the regular milk comes in. Puppies will immediately be willing to latch on to the mother for their nutrition if not a little help goes a long way.