Caring and taking proper care of dogs is one of the tasks some pet owners consider the hardest. A lot of people will pay any amount just make their dogs look cute and well groomed. If you are not the type of person that loves to fight with a squirmy pooch in the tub, there are a lot of places where you can take the dog to have a nice shave and bath and also not to mention a relaxing experience the dog will receive if he/she is particularly stressed out. If you are thinking of entering your dog into a furry competition, it’s best to get the best dog groomers to help you. Here are some of the best dog groomers.


Bark Shoppe is a luxe boutique that has been making headlines since 2012. The company is known for its hand on the owner for providing individual attention to ensure that each pup enjoy the best experience possible and this is a good reason why a lot of their customers keeps on coming. They offer your standard services and also lots of beautifying treatments like facial scrubs and also rehydrating facial to ensure their four-legged customers have the best. If you can afford your pup a pedicure, the team at Bark will not only buff and clip your pup’s nails but also give them a complimentary polish. If you are the type looking for a cutting-edge look, they will offer cruelty-free dye, fur and feather extensions. If you want to groom your dog yourself, they have the self-service option called pristine.


If you want the best grooming experience for your dog, Sparky’s pet salon in the affluent area of Beverly Hills offers you a chance to pamper your dog with state of the art facility which uses air purification system, relaxing music and lots more. Sparky’s grooming is the neighborhoods favorite grooming spot because they offer a wide range of grooming services that includes a brush out and a pre-bath trim, ear cleaning, nail clipping, eye cleaning and lots more. You should take your dog to the Sparky’s grooming to enjoy the best grooming service around.


The vibe is a funky lifestyle destination in west London. Forget the post pamper old-fashioned cages, and pooches can take a lot off on a luxurious canine cushion in the chill out zones. When your dog arrives at the vibes, it will be dipped in a detangling shampoo and also given a thorough de-matting. There is also going to be a pleasing blast of hot air to dry the fluff as the dog will be transformed from his/her wet condition into handsome hound in a short period.  You don’t like deadlocks particularly in the public areas; you will have your dog treated to a sanitary dog trim to help transform and tidy the knotted nethers. By the time they are through, your dog will be left with beautiful, fluffy looks.