The dog maintains a certain speed


Stacking is the technique of showing your dog in a standing position


Judges will often feel or touch the entire dog.


There are scores of dog festivals across the world

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Every dog has his day. So why shouldn’t every dog have his own festival?

If we humans have a place to walk around and eat fattening foods while enjoying the sights and sounds of outdoor activities, it’s only fitting that our canine companions should do the same and enjoy their own treat. So, get out there! There are scores of dog festivals across the U.S. In fact, many of them are tied to charitable events to raise money and awareness about pet adoptions and other great causes.

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The Most Popular Dog Breeds

The Most Popular Dog Breeds

Shepherd Dog, Dachshund, Retriever or rather Schnauzer or Pug? The preferences of dog owners are very different. Worldwide there are over 360 recognized breeds of dogs. Dog owners are fascinated from their different characteristics and temperaments. But which species are the most popular in the world? German Shepherd Dog Security and self-confidence are the main […]


Winner Breeds

Basically, if you have enough patience and knowledge, you can teach your dog the key commands or tricks and its breed is not going to have any impact on the learning process. However, the tendencies of winners are clear while analyzing the most popular dog shows. So, how much impact does the breed can have […]

Watching for Show Dog Poisoning Signs

Knowing the different signs of a dog being poisoned might help you save your dog if it ever gets poisoned. You’ll learn what kind of indications there are that your dog might’ve had exposure to or came into contact with toxins. If you know what the various symptoms are, then you can swiftly act when […]

How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

Most dog owners will keep their dogs in confinement when they’re in heat. But there’s a slight chance that there might be breeding that will happen anyway. The dog’s owner might not even realise that it happened. The breeding might have also been planned by the owner so that their dog could produce a litter. […]

Secret Tips That Show Dog Handlers Use

There is always a dog show happening every year at any day. The dogs in these dog shows go through a lot of training, and their handlers are skilled at what they do to train their dog. Here are some secret tips that dog handlers use: Trot Training Using A Treadmill The judges of the […]

Clicker Away – Training Show Dogs

Dogs are a large part of the group of domesticated animals and are often referred to irreplaceable companion. With almost 340 breeds all around the world, it can be very challenging and costly for owners to accommodate more than a few breeds at the same time. Dogs are also one of the smart classes of […]

Misconceptions about Show Dog Behaviors

Those who have had dogs as pets at some point in their life sure know the advantages of being close to ‘Man’s best friend’. They are preferred for their ability to be loyal to almost anyone and their skills in being patient and obedient. However, like humans, they are sometimes temperamental and have specific needs […]

Breeding Advice for Show Dog Breeders – Beginner Breeding

If you have noticed the lucrative market that breeding dogs have and own a gorgeous canine that you would like to breed, there are a few things that you need to consider. While the puppies are worth a fortune, there is a lot of commitment and close monitoring that goes into the health and welfare […]

The Worst Dog Breeds to Show – Part 2

The famous Westminster Dog Show in America is one of the oldest and most prestigious dog exhibitions in the world. They have released a rather surprising list of the worst dog breeds o compete in the shows. We don’t say that that these dogs go around in savage groups terrorizing neighborhoods, but rather reflects upon […]

The Worst Dog Breeds to Show – Part 1

It sounds quite dreadful that there are some breeds of dogs to participate in the shows. No dog owners would ever accept that their pets are less than perfect, and it would be painful to find out that the breed of their dog is defined as not good enough for the dog show. But what […]

How to Prepare Your Dog for a Show – Part 2

Preparing your puppy for a dog show requires lots of work and training, it is definitely not a case of just turning up. You already got the registration documents of your dog and then registered at the dog association that is organizing the show. Then comes the specific training you must take your dog through […]

How to Prepare Your Dog for a Show – Part 1

If you are a proud dog owner has it ever crossed your mind to enter your puppy in a competition? Most dog shows around the world exist to highlight the best of breed for breeding purposes so you must bear this in mind, and not just want your puppy to be crowned cutest dog at […]

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